Fare Thee Well Prophet T. B. Joshua

Prophet T. B. Joshua, I thank God for choosing your mother’s womb to bring you to this world. Your death has really come as a shock. In fact, this morning I couldn’t control myself. I will celebrate you instead of mourn you. Hmm! My journey with you began in 2010 when I first visited yourContinue reading “Fare Thee Well Prophet T. B. Joshua”

REVIEW : The Girl Who Can

Short Story By : Ama Ata Aidoo ( From The Cockcrow, a compilation of short stories, drama, and poems by John A. Sackey and Lawrence Darmani ) The Cockcrow is available in all bookshops in Ghana. Setting : Hasodzi ( a big village in the Central Region of Ghana ) Characters : Adjoa ( a name given to a femaleContinue reading “REVIEW : The Girl Who Can”

Book Review

Defending Your Brand: How Smart Companies Use Defensive Strategy to Deal with Competitive Attacks Author: Tim Calkins Year of Publication: 2013         ABOUT AUTHOR Tim Calkins is a clinical professor of marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Other books under his authorship are Breakthrough Marketing Plans and How To Wash A Chicken: MasteringContinue reading “Book Review”


By Hilda Nsesonkpa and Rogers Wanambwa This is a collaboration between hillstudycenter.wordpress.com and wanamworld.wordpress.com Rogers is a Ugandan blogger who has pulled me out of my laziness web. His works can be found here THE UNMARRIED AFRICAN WOMAN There comes a point in a woman’s life when it seems that all hope is lost. WhenContinue reading “AGE IS JUST A NUMBER (Pt 2)”

CELEBRATING 100 FOLLOWERS. I made it this far!

Everything Big Starts Little This is not to say that I am there yet. But it is right for me to show my appreciation to all who have supported me in diverse ways. I started blogging with 1 follower for several months after sharing my blog link to many of my contacts on Whatsapp. ThisContinue reading “CELEBRATING 100 FOLLOWERS. I made it this far!”


This blogging journey has been awesome. Indeed the blogging community is a place to be. I am happy to announce to you all that Hill Study Center has been nominated by Afrobloggers for the 2020 Awards under the FRESH VOICE CATEGORY. This category is basically for new bloggers of which I am one. I humblyContinue reading “NOMINATION! NOMINATION! NOMINATION!”

My Tim, My Joy

Timothy, my nephew, has taught me a lot of lessons about motherhood. He had to live with us because his mother, my cousin  got admitted at the hospital for two weeks. Then, after her discharge from the hospital, she had to go back to deliver her baby. Just around that time, the covid19 stay homeContinue reading “My Tim, My Joy”


Seeing Jesus I was picking up prescriptions and a few other things at the pharmacy a couple of towns over from home. It is not in the best neighborhood, but is fine during the daytime. I try not to go there at night. I tried a different pharmacy a few years back, but the pharmacistContinue reading “A GREAT POST BY RITA I HAD TO SHARE”

A Milestone Reached On My Blogging Journey

My blogging journey started in July. Trust me when I say that I was confused like a fish taken from the water to the land. I was on the internet constantly reading, watching videos and learning as much as I could. I didn’t understand some of the terms used in the materials I read butContinue reading “A Milestone Reached On My Blogging Journey”

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