Positivity in Negativity

I have been hit hard by a tsunami of disappointment this week and that has led to the creation of this post. We are obviously surrounded with negative situations daily. These negative situations may come visiting you in the form of disappointments, failures, rejections or betrayals. They come hitting you hard when you least expectContinue reading “Positivity in Negativity”

The Maternal Garden

Invasion!Like the Russian invasion of UkraineUnwanted weeds invade the maternal gardenThe garden owner burdened Time comes for them to be weeded outBlood level checkedBlood pressure checkedBut the mind uncheckedIt eventually affects the latterGarden owner burdened Calm down! God is with you!The gardeners sayYet, the owner’s heart beat boom boomHere comes the weeding dayKnives, scissors andContinue reading “The Maternal Garden”

India Ghana Union

A BIT OF HISTORY According to my mother, Ghanaians love for Bollywood movies begun way back in 1968 when she was a young girl in Tamale, in the Northern region of Ghana. There were not many televisions then. So the cinema was their source of visual entertainment. One of such cinemas was called Revoli CinemaContinue reading “India Ghana Union”

Book Review

Defending Your Brand: How Smart Companies Use Defensive Strategy to Deal with Competitive Attacks Author: Tim Calkins Year of Publication: 2013         ABOUT AUTHOR Tim Calkins is a clinical professor of marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Other books under his authorship are Breakthrough Marketing Plans and How To Wash A Chicken: MasteringContinue reading “Book Review”


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