My Tim, My Joy

Timothy and I took this picture after Christmas church service.

Timothy, my nephew, has taught me a lot of lessons about motherhood. He had to live with us because his mother, my cousin  got admitted at the hospital for two weeks. Then, after her discharge from the hospital, she had to go back to deliver her baby. Just around that time, the covid19 stay home was announced.

Tim, had to continue living with us so that his mum could have enough time for the new baby. He has been with us for almost 10 months now. He sleeps in my room. Anywhere I go he is sure to follow me. During his stay with us I have learnt a lot about being a mother to a child. I have learnt to be extra patient, watch what I say to him because eventually, he will say the same words to me the next day. I have learnt not to give in to all his demands no matter how loud he cries. I have learnt to pray for him as a mother would for her child.

In our neighborhood, everyone says we shouldn’t send him back because it’s as if I am his biological mother 😅. The bond between Tim and I is deep. I thank God for bringing him into my life. He will eventually have to go back to his mom and his siblings but I will definitely miss him big time.

I will miss how he praises me when I wear a new dress. I will miss how he won’t allow anyone to bath him except me. I will miss our evening strolls in the neighborhood. And I will miss him calling me mama.

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I wish you all a very merry Christmas. May this Christmas bring us joy and satisfaction.

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11 thoughts on “My Tim, My Joy

  1. This post is everything. Before I had my Nunu I always thought I would wean her quickly and let her go stay with my MIL but now that the time has come I am making excuses, I dont want to wean her even though she bites me and I am looking for work from home jobs coz I dont want to miss her. I want to be there always. Im not sure I’ll even let her go to school. Who knows maybe I will home school. Children have a way of doing these things to us.

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  2. What a precious time you are having with Tim. You both look so stunning in the photo. It’s like a portrait picture. He looks like an open hearted child. God always has a purpose for our connections in life I am sure this connection will be used later on in life. Thank you for your sharing your lovely relationship.

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