A Milestone Reached On My Blogging Journey

My blogging journey started in July. Trust me when I say that I was confused like a fish taken from the water to the land. I was on the internet constantly reading, watching videos and learning as much as I could. I didn’t understand some of the terms used in the materials I read but i persisted to bypass any barriers.

I am not saying I know everything about blogging now. But my constant learning led me to know about image crediting, giving headlines to posts, tagging, using simple language in my post, and many more. I still have issues with the ‘all mighty’ search engine optimisation but I will definitely cross that bridge.

Celebrating 61 Followers Today

My blogging dreams are getting fulfilled with me reaching 61 amazing followers. I gave myself up to December ending to reach 60 followers but you great people have made me surpass my goal. This is worth celebrating in a loud manner.

I would like to thank you all for spending your precious time reading my posts, liking and commenting. Believe in yourself and your dreams. Never let the pressures of life make you abandon your goals in life. Above all trust in God. He has blessed us all with talents and gifts to serve Him and His creations.

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Published by Hill Study Center

I love reading books. It doesn't matter the type so far as I gain knowledge. I just can't keep the knowledge to myself so I have to share, share and share. In future, I will definitely add reviews on movies and anything interesting that helps us to grow holistically. Let's Grow 2gether

22 thoughts on “A Milestone Reached On My Blogging Journey

    1. Am afraid I have to agree with you. There’s really a lot to learn in the blogging community. I will suggest that you relearn about what goes on here. To tell you the truth, am always learning something new.


  1. Compliments of the New Year..
    Here’s to growth, you use what you have and learn from it…. that should be the secret to blogging because if one where to wait till they knew everything they might never start congratulations

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