As Ghanaians head to the election polls tomorrow, 7th December 2020, we were led this morning in church to pray for the country.


Lord Heavenly Father, I ask that you grant us peace during and after this election in all the 275 polling stations.

I release mighty warrior angels to be posted at all the entry points of the country. Fight for us    oh! angels of God. Protect us from all bad people who would want to influence the youth to engage in violence.

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Lord, I commit the youth into your hands. Let the youth desist from all forms of electoral violence. I come against any acts of blood shed.

Lord, give us a leader after your own heart.

I thank you for how far you have brought Ghana in the journey of democracy. I thank you for the peace we have enjoyed. I thank you for answered prayers. In Jesus mighty name I pray.

Published by Hill Study Center

I love reading books. It doesn't matter the type so far as I gain knowledge. I just can't keep the knowledge to myself so I have to share, share and share. In future, I will definitely add reviews on movies and anything interesting that helps us to grow holistically. Let's Grow 2gether


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