Elections are very important in every human society. It allows for democracy to prevail. It is an opportunity for citizens of a country to choose a leader they believe will help navigate the course of the country.

Every year I follow the US election but this year’s 2020 presidential election has amassed an interesting flavor. This flavor is in the characters of the current president Donald Trump and presidential aspirant Joe Biden. I will liken this flavor to that of the South African song Jerusalema which has become a global sensation and has led to the #JerusalemaChallenge.

In this post I will be linking the US election 2020 to that of Ghana’s election 2020. You will ask why I bother myself with an election in a far away land. Well, the US election always serves as an appetizer for the Ghana election.


Even though there’s early voting on going in the USA, the election date is 3rd November, 2020. Whereas that of Ghana’s election is on 7th December, 2020.

Many Ghanaians are watching how events prior to the US election unfolds.

There will be massive radio and TV show discussions on the aftermath of the US election and its implications on the Ghana election results.

Some Ghanaian political analysts are and will always be of the view that if Democrats win then party ‘A’ in Ghana will also win. If Republicans win then party ‘B’ in Ghana will definitely win.


My mom is a news addict. That’s if there is such a description for a person who loves to watch tv news. She has instilled this attitude in us. Of course, this year we will definitely be glued to BBC, CNN and Aljazeera for coverage of the sensational US election 2020. And it will continue on the 7th of December, 2020 for the Ghana election 2020.

Now the million dollar question is who will win the #usaelection2020 and who will win the #ghanaelection2020 ?

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