1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers.
4. Ask your nominees 11 questions.
5. Notify your 11 nominees.

I would like to show my honest appreciation to JOJO ALWAEALY for this open nomination for the Liebster Blogger award. I took the opportunity with both hands. I encourage you all to visit his blog. He is a writer and shares interesting posts there.
Once again thank you Jojo Al-waeal



  1. What is your best work? What writing do you love the most that you have handcrafted yourself? ( share it with me and I will read it)  Everything I have on my post was written by me. They are all my best but the better is yet to come.
  2. What is your top 5 on the bucket list?  1. Get a new passport 2. Read wide 3. Fast before the year ends 4. Write more interesting posts on my blog 5. Renew my habit of drinking warm water with lemon.
  3. What is your superhero power?  As a Christian, I interact a lot with the Holy Spirit. He is my comforter and so He is my superhero.
  4. Where are you from?  Am from Ghana, West Africa.
  5. Who is your favorite author?  Ama Ata Aidoo is my all time favorite author for now. Well, you never know. It can change at anytime as I keep on reading other books from other authors. Changes: A love story is one of her books. Check it out.
  6. If you could have a book written about you, what would the genre be?  Drama
  7. Do you have any lucky charms? Well no, I don’t have any such thing as a charm as I understand it based on my setting.
  8. what do you listen to, if you listen to music, when you write?  I would be distracted if I write and focus on music at same time.
  9. What time do you usually wake up?  Since this extra long covid break, I’ve been watching BBC, Al Jazeera and CNN way into the late nights and due to internet situations here I most of the time go on my blog late in the night. Hence, I wake up very late in the morning.
  10. Your favorite music genre?  I like any type of music so far as it has a tempting rhythm to make me move.
  11. What will you do when the whole “covid-19” is over?  I don’t believe that covid-19 will be entirely over. We will have to relearn to live our lives.



1. What do you do apart from blogging?
2. How do you get inspired to write?
3. What have you learned from the covid-19 pandemic?
4. Have you visited any African country? If yes, share a brief experience.
5. What is your view on the blogging community?
6. Looking back on your 1st post as a blogger, would you say that you have grown over the years?
7. What is your favorite breakfast meal?
8. What movie would you love to watch over and over again?
9. What’s your favorite sport?
10. When do you write?
11. What’s your favorite car brand?

Published by Hill Study Center

I love reading books. It doesn't matter the type so far as I gain knowledge. I just can't keep the knowledge to myself so I have to share, share and share. In future, I will definitely add reviews on movies and anything interesting that helps us to grow holistically. Let's Grow 2gether


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